Dressage, Show Jumping and Trick Superstar!

Everyone I speak to has THAT horse in their childhood. The one that helped you grow, the one that you fell off all the time (but dusted yourself off and got back on again), and the one that made you the rider that you are now. 

My horse of a lifetime was a grey hunter who hated everyone but me and wanted to kill you in summer for even thinking of riding her, but I would give my left arm to have her back with me. 

This post however is about another special horse that has passed through my life and the AMAZING things that have happened since!

About 14 years ago I was riding for someone. This person had a couple of youngsters in the field which to put it politely were feral! I then saw one of them move and I just knew I had to have her!

Home came Bronte, a feral 2 year old that had attitude, sass and the most beautiful trot I had seen in a long time! 

Fast forward 18 months, Bronte hadn’t grown enough for me, so freshly backed she went off to live with a very (very!) young Aimee. 

Aimee and Bronte have now been an inseparable force for 12 years. 

Aimee has competed with Bronte up to Advanced Dressage, however now being 16 she leads a slightly quieter life hacking, however she does still turn her fancy hooves to dressage. 

Watching Aimee and Bronte grow together has been so fantastic. As you can probably gather Aimee and I have been friends since she took Bronte home. So having the opportunity to capture their friendship means a great deal to me! 

Aimee says he favourite thing about Bronte is that she pretends to be grumpy, which does scare some people, however she does know who her mum is and will always look for Aimee and call to her when she sees her. 

Not only have this pair competed in advanced dressage, they used to show jump over some pretty terrifyingly large fences and storm around cross country. 

When this wasn’t enough of a challenge for them they started free riding, also jumping some rather large show jumps bridle-less. Aimee has also taught Bronte tricks, among others she can Spanish walk, paw on command and the most impressive, she rears on command!

I think you can agree that, together, they are the ultimate combo, and this certainly shows in their pictures!

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