Danny, A Horse Of A Lifetime!

Danny is owned by Jenni who described the 16.2hh 6 year old, Irish Sports Horse gelding as her horse of a lifetime.

Back in August during a particularly rainy period we found a clear day and I headed to Jenni's yard at her home. There was a 3% chance of rain and we had blue skies. Just as I was pulling around the corner the heavens OPENED! The rain came down and kept coming for over 50 minutes. We were just about to rearrange the shoot when the rain cleared and the Yorkshire countryside gave us the most stunning skies.

Jenni & Danny have been a team for 18 months now. In November 2017, Jenni had been in hospital having chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant due to a relapse of Hodgkins Lymphoma. In March 2018 Jenni got the all clear so she hopped on a plane with her mum to Ireland. In Jenni's words "you cannot go to Ireland and not buy a horse!"

The horse Jenni went to see was that unsuitable she didn't even get on it. The yard owner then turned around to a lad working there and said 'you've got a nice chestnut for sale haven't you?".

Jenni and her mum ended up driving to rural Ireland to a competition centre where they net Danny, and as Jenni says, the rest is history! In hindsight, Jenni says they didn't do anything 'right', but they think it was the best decision ever!

Jenni aims to event Danny. They have just completed their first season eventing. Despite his appearance Danny isn't actually the most confident horse so they have been taking it slowly, sticking to lower levels but Jenni couldn't be more pleased with Danny so far! Out of 6 BE (British Eventing) or BE Level events he has had no cross country jumping penalties, has gone double clear four times, and has been placed four times.

Jenni says the best thing about Danny is how easy he is to do, she has no worries about loading him and taking him places by herself, be it a lesson, a hack or even a weekend away training. It also makes him to easy to event as he will happily stand on the box and never gets stressed. Overall, he is just the sort of horse you can have loads of fun on!

When I asked Jenni about Danny's cheeky personality traits she says he can throw in the odd buck. Unfortunately, the stronger he is getting through his back the more powerful the bucks are getting....

The love between Jenni & Danny was clear throughout the shoot, the trust they have in each other and the bond is beautiful to see.

Check out the rest of their gallery below!

If you're interested in your own shoot get in touch

If you're interested in your own shoot get in touch

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