Amy & Dressage Horse, Cash Flow

Back in April I arrived on a stunning yard in Brough, East Yorkshire with a tree lined driveway, beautiful stables and a yard surrounded by farmers fields. There I met Amy with her stunning Dressage Horse, Cash Flow.

Amy bought 9 year old Cash as a gangly 5 year old, however he is no longer gangly, he is a beautiful powerhouse, full of character.

Amy & Cash compete at British Dressage at Novice level, and have recently competed in Dressage Nationals at Preliminary level.

When shooting I love getting to know my clients, both horsey and human! Amy had recently celebrated her 18th birthday! Cash is very obedient in the school and when they are training for their competitions, he absolutely loves his job!

When he is not working hard, Cash loves doing some jumping and riding around fields bareback, hacking and having fun.

Amy says Cash likes to pretend to be grumpy, but he really is just a big teddy bear. In Amy's words "there's not many horses like him, he really is one of a kind".

During my time I spent with Amy & Cash it was clear how much they love each other. They have a real connection and bond which shines through in the pictures, creating memories that will last a lifetime of Amy's one in a million horse.

The pair are super talented and I love the updates I receive from Amy about their antics and results!

Enjoy the gallery of beautiful Amy and the fabulous Cash Flow!

If you would love a shoot with your horse contact me on to request more information.

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